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Why should every child learn how to program?

Technology is radically changing every area of our society, from communication to government to how we do our jobs. Digital literacy is now a fundamental skill like reading and writing.

By learning to program, kids can have a say in how software shapes their world. Plus, programming teaches important reasoning, logic, and communication skills.

1. We offer "scratch" programing courses for both Primary and Middle school, at the middle school grades, students will be using "scratch" at a more advanced level to produce learning activities and games.

Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art -- and share your creations on the web.

As young people create and share Scratch projects, they learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also learning to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.See scratch at work here:

2. We offer "Molecular Workbench" programing courses for high school students. An important, unique characteristic feature of MW is that it puts a simulation in a learning context. It supports the rendering and authoring of learning activities, which are typically sequences of scaffolded learning steps that employ models and simulations to teach. A learning activity can be as simple as a demonstration that shows a single concept, or as full-fledged as a digital textbook that provides the entire learning media for a topic, or something inbetween. The authoring system of MW can be used to create all these different levels of classroom-ready learning activities that have customized user interfaces for different students. This authoring system has been used to produce many existing activities, available through the browser-like delivery system of MW.

MW has more features designed to support learning and teaching. It allows teachers to create new activities and/or modify existing ones. It supports embedded assessments in learning activities. It can monitor how students are learning with models and simulations. It can be used to collect student data and provide feedback to teachers. All these functionalities, as well as the simulation and authoring capacities, are seamlessly integrated in a single system with simple, intuitive graphical user interfaces. All these things put together.

See MW at work here:

3. We offer "Web" programming courses for high school students to master web.2 and beyond ( internet of things- IoT) programming languages and technologies, which are the founding blocks of all the services on the internet, they will learn:

See what Java-script & HTML5 can do!


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  • User name: "demo"
  • Password: "Demo@1234"

Web fundamentals

HTML is the underpinning of the entire internet. Every page out there is written in HTML. It tells the browser about the content in the page, and CSS tells the browser how to style it. In this track, you will learn the building blocks of HTML and CSS in order to create and style your first web page from scratch.


PHP is the world's most popular server-side scripting language. Interested in processing form data from your website, creating HTML on the fly, handling cookies, or talking to a database? PHP's got you covered. Courses are created by the community. We're launching PHP as a work-in-progress and we want you to help create the future of PHP instruction for people all over the world.


jQuery is a way to build interactive websites. Using jQuery, you can move HTML elements around, build custom animations, and let your users affect your website by clicking the mouse or typing on the keyboard.


JavaScript makes websites interactive. HTML & CSS will let you make nice looking webpages, but they'll be static; this programming language will allow you to ask users to input information, move elements around on the page, and make your website more functional overall.


Python is a general-purpose, object-oriented interpreted language you can use for countless standalone projects or scripting applications


Ruby is a powerful and expressive language with intuitive syntax. If you're unsure of which programming language to learn, Ruby is a great choice. The language can be used in a variety of disciplines, including application, game, and web development, and currently enjoys widespread popularity via the Ruby on Rails web framework


Want to write apps and build websites that can text your phone, pull in YouTube videos, or connect to Facebook and Twitter? Start doing all this and more with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).


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STEM at school


Watch her at you tube channel

Teaching sciences at schools is the key to the development and prosperity for any nation. The greatest challenge is to find a tool that will facilitate an organic integration of the content and the sciences we want to teach with a sound teaching pedagogy that is itself scientific?!. 3Dprinting is undoubtedly the tool and platform that will allow us to teach STEM at school. My daughter who is at grade 2 primary School is here to prove it. Watch. She learned to do this after 10 minutes of me explaining to her the basic of 3dprinting and CAD  concepts.!!? This generation is ready to take over, are we going help them or are we going to undermine their genus? Again.!


Currucula Allignment

Our aim is to develop STEM based content for the Australian Curriculum of all grades, the emphasis is to develop content that is based on science, and trough scientific simulation, digital media illustration and hands on activities make learning science accessible and fun. We will not focus too much on the  curriculum specific contexts. So our content can be used within any specific curriculum requirements.

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