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 We provide consulting

For Schools and corporations in the area of e learning and instructional design

See What we can DO for you

  1. We will redesign your learning resources according to the engineering design process.
  2. We will align the learning sequences with the design guide lines of your curricula (State or Federal).
  3. We will integrate the workshops (experiments on the aquaponic system the design, programming and fabrication in the Fab-Lab) activities into the learning sequences
  4. We will adapt the learning resources to be delivered in a blended mode (online and face to face)
  5. We will conduct all necessary training for your staff to run the workshops (Fab Lab, and Aquaponics)
  6. We will set-up and manage the IT infrastructure and design the Learning Management system.
  7. We will train your staff on the management of the LMS, CMS. the platforms that deliver the content online.
  8. We can set-up and manage the workshops (Fab Lab, and Aquaponics), as both learning support environments and as new income generating businesses:
    • The aquaponics workshops are commercial scale operation to produce fish and herbs organically in a closed system with little impact on the environment.
    • The Fab Labs will be used to generate income streams from community inventors’ workshop offering digital fabrication on a personal scale and specialised training in the area of digital manufacturing in the style of the Fab Lab diploma.

We are also looking for:

     1- Schools

 Trade Training Centres in Schools Program branding image Who share our objectives and vision to redesign the School curricula to meet the standards of future education and training needs by establishing Fablab and Aquaponics workshop for educational activities and as a new businesses ventures to generate income.

  2- investors

Who have interest in setting up:

  • Fab Lab: As community inventors’ workshop offering digital fabrication on a personal scale .See our Fablab
  • Aquaponic systems: As commercial scale operation to produce fish and herbs organically in a closed system with little impact on the  environment to produce food locally. See our Aquaponic lab (coming soon).

See under "courses" on the main menu a detailed description of the Labs (Aquaponics and Fab Lab)

        3- Students


For both online and blended (as workshop style training sessions where practical activities are integrated into our Fab Lab and Aquaponics systems), all our Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics courses for School age students of all grades for a small subscription fee.

Try sample courses Year 1 to 12 (Aligned with the Australian curriculum)

  • User name: "demo"
  • Password: "Demo@1234"

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STEM at school


Watch her at you tube channel

Teaching sciences at schools is the key to the development and prosperity for any nation. The greatest challenge is to find a tool that will facilitate an organic integration of the content and the sciences we want to teach with a sound teaching pedagogy that is itself scientific?!. 3Dprinting is undoubtedly the tool and platform that will allow us to teach STEM at school. My daughter who is at grade 2 primary School is here to prove it. Watch. She learned to do this after 10 minutes of me explaining to her the basic of 3dprinting and CAD  concepts.!!? This generation is ready to take over, are we going help them or are we going to undermine their genus? Again.!


Currucula Allignment

Our aim is to develop STEM based content for the Australian Curriculum of all grades, the emphasis is to develop content that is based on science, and trough scientific simulation, digital media illustration and hands on activities make learning science accessible and fun. We will not focus too much on the  curriculum specific contexts. So our content can be used within any specific curriculum requirements.

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